Tuesday, 13 January 2015

TYPICAL....I start Empire as the Empire is destroyed..

Back in last year, the team at PlagueBearers decided that we were going to be runnng a slow grow campaign to help new players get into the game and learn how to play, as well as to get us seasoned players to start new armies. Even though this campaign doesn't begin until next week, I decided back in October last year that I really wanted to do Empire for it. Its an army that I have watched many battle reports on, and seems pretty simple to get the hang of. It also seems to be an army with a lot of room to work with the fluff to create a story behind an army. As the organiser for the campaign, I also wanted to get as many models painted for it as soon as I could.

Well, now it looks like my mighty Empire is all dead! I haven'd read the other books, but the Glottkin ET Book makes it very clear that the Empire is vital in the destruction of the Old World, with great cities like Altdorf and Talabiem being decimated by the powers Nurgle.

From a player point of view, with the 9th ed rumours, it bothers me that I may not be able to play my Empire into the new world as I would like to be able to, or purchase any current models to grow the force. However, from a personal fluff point of view behind the army, I am not concerned. The story behind this army is built at the beginning of The End Times.

I will post photos of my progress so far, and share the fluff for the Guardians of the Rose, next week.