Thursday, 29 September 2016

New Zealand Wargaming Awards: The Birth of a New Era

For a long time now I have been thinking about the time and effort that so many unsung heroes in our gaming communities put in to growing the community and providing great support for these communities, along with awesome events and places for people to game.

As someone who has put a fair amount into my local community, along with running events of my own and helping to drive 9th Age on a competitive level in NZ, I have learnt how much hard work is put into this....and I know I do a hell a lot less work at it then many others!

So I decided that it was time that these hard working people were recognised for their contribution to the NZ gaming scene....

....and in comes the first annual New Zealand Wargaming Awards (NZWA)!!!

This will be a People's Choice awards, with the votes fully in your hands! How will it work? Once voting opens, a link to the voting for will be made available on the blog. It will cover areas including game specific tournament organisers, to clubs, regional support and even local hobby stores! You will be able to vote on whatever areas you wish, and then email the form back!
Voting will open November 1st and close on November 30th, with the results being tallied and announced on Saturday 3rd of December.

How will these be announced might you ask? We will hold an online awards night! You will be able to tune in to a Google Hangouts and watch it all unfold, as I host the event with two great guest hosts (this year's have already been invited!).
Award winners will be emailed a signed Award Certificate, which they can do with as they wish.

This is about supporting those who work for us, those who make our gaming community work, and so the more voters the better!

I will post another blog regarding it once voting is open.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


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