Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Hawke's Bay Regional Warhammer Championship 2015 - Part 1

This year, PlagueBearers are running the first ever Hawke's Bay Regional Warhammer Championship (HBRWC for short), a two part championship covering Warhammer 40k and Fantasy 8th edition. Although the 40k Championship is yet to begin, and Fantasy Championship is well on its way.

So, I thought I would share my progress in the championship so far, my list and why I took it, and my outlook at the 40k Championship coming up. Firstly, let's talk about how the Championships work.

It starts off with heat matches. Each player is matched up against 4 other players from across the region, and are given 5 weeks to complete all games. These games use the 20/0 system, with the total number of BP used to determine who then proceeds to the next stage.
This is then followed by the semi finals, where the 4 players who gained the most BPs in the heats battle it out for a chance to make it through the finals. However, each player is only given one match up and a timeframe of two weeks to complete this game. The winner of this game proceeds to the Finals, while the loser proceeds to the 3rd place playoff.
Then it comes to the Finals and the 3rd Place playoff. At this stage the plan is that both of these games will be played at the same time in an openly available space for spectators to come and view should they wish. The two players who won their semi final game, will be matched against each other, with the winner taking 1st place and the loser taking 2nd. The two players who lost their semi final games will play for 3rd place, with the winner of that game taking the placing.

As for lists, you are required pre-Championship to submit your list, as per tournament rules, and the same list must be used across the entire championship. There is a light comp on them, nothing too major. Fantasy is played at 1500pts, wile 40k is played at 1200pts.

With the 40k Championship yet to begin, it is not too late to register for it. You can contact the guys at plaguebearersnz@gmail.com for more information.

To be continued....

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