Monday, 26 October 2015

WarBanner 2015

A few weekends ago, I got the honour to host the second PlagueBearers WarBanner tournament in Napier, a 2400pt WHFB 8th edition tournament. And what a great weekend it was!

The sun came out for us, as 16 competitors took to the tables at the Taradale Club to fight it out for the top title. With using the FOB-Lite Comp, with a few additions, we saw some interesting lists come out. Glottkin, Malekith, Helebron, Elthorian and Caradryl lists were only a few of what the players presented. And these lists did not disappoint!

However, there could only be one victor, so here are the results:

1st Best General: Kelly Gragg
2nd Best General: Richard Barby
3rd Best General: Tom Hale
Best Paint: Phil Comins
Best Sports: Brian Smith

1. Kelly Gragg (LoC)
2. Richard Barby (WE)
3. Tom Hale (DE)
4. Brian Smith (DE)
5. McCrae Loudon (CD)
6. Peter Williamson (TK)
7. Phil Comins (DoC)
8. Tom Davis (HE)
9. Caleb Chandler (DE)
10. Adam Richards (WoC)
11. Alex Powrie (WoC)
12. Neil Williamson (O&G)
13. Ethan Phillips (EMP)
14. Erdem Oguz (HE)
15. Chris Stewart (UL)
16. Aaron Paul (OGR)

A huge thanks to all of our competitors for making it such a great weekend, and to our sponsor Jambo Hobbies and Games for providing support and prizes.

Here's some photos for your pleasure:

 The calm before the storm

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